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Cardinals Vs. Redskins: Monday Coaches Notes And Injury Report

Coach Ken Whisenhunt addressed the media on Monday following the Arizona Cardinals 22-21 loss to the Washington Redskins. Several players also took questions in the locker room before the team headed into film sessions. 

"Well, obviously a disappointing loss for us. I think whenever you're on the road and you have a chance at the end of a game to get a win, those kind of things are precious. For us to have an opportunity to do that (Sunday) and not pull it out was tough," Whisenhunt said to open his comments.

There were no new injuries to report. Whisenhunt doesn't expect anyone to miss any time as a result of the Redskins game.

Other notes and quotes:


  • Didn't play our best. Still have a lot of things can work on and clean up. Commend team for hanging tough and making plays to give chance to win.
  • In second half moved the ball offensively which allowed defense to rest more and energized the defense. Defense made enough plays to keep us in the game. We're a work in progress with the offense too. 
  • Didn't have a tremendous amount of offensive penalties but when they hit, they were big. Defense had some "dumb" ones that allowed Washington to continue drives. Have to be better at, especially on the road. Will talk long and hard about with team.
  • Kerry Rhodes flagged early in game for personal foul during scuffle was for bumping into an official. It was inadvertent which is why he didn't get ejected.
  • Passing game can be even more efficient and make more big plays. Some of that is getting used to number of different formations and packages. Kolb showed a lot of toughness.
  • Tight ends getting involved helps round out offense. All very pleased with TE position. 
  • It's tough when other team has so many more plays but also don't mind quick scoring. Average yards per play on offense is pretty high.
  • "Running game is like that...We didn't have a lot of opportunities in the first half. In the second half we got into a package we were having success with, it was giving them problems and Beanie (Wells) ran the ball very well. We were able to mix it up."
  • Pretty decent compared to the league in running game. (Cardinals 17th in total rushing yards and 8th in yards per carry)
  • Having LaRod Stephens-Howling out didn't change game plan. 
  • Corners improved but also had a couple of busted plays. Can see improvement from Peterson and Jefferson and their confidence is going to go up.

Beanie Wells

  • "We can be effective once we get the mindset of what we want to do. We can't play like we did in the first half, obviously. Once we have our mind set, being it running the ball or passing the ball we can be a very effective football team."

Kevin Kolb

  • Time of possession: "It's a good question. If we were 2-0 it wouldn't be a problem at all. We're two points away from being 2-0. I think striking quick is a good thing but at the same time, I told you all this before, when we go on those seven, eight, ten play drives that's when you know you really own somebody. We want to do that but we'll get in the end zone whatever it takes."
  • Jeff King is going to start getting drafted in fantasy football leagues.

Jeff King

  • "I would have liked two wins better (than two touchdowns)."
  • Kolb not pigeonholing himself into throwing to specific guys. Going through his reads and finding the open guys.