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NFC West Are Still League Whipping Boys in 2011 NFL Season

Week 2 of the 2011 NFL season was not kind to the teams in the NFC West. With the St' Louis Rams still set to play the New York Giants on Monday Night Football, the division did not win a game on Sunday. The Arizona Cardinals lost  a 22-21 decision to the Washington Redskins. The Seattle Seahawks were manhandled by the Pittsburgh and got shut out 24-0. As for the San Francisco 49ers, they started out playing well, but the Dallas Cowboys, led by Tony Romo and his fractured rib, came back and beat SF 27-24 in overtime.

In the case of the Niners and the Cardinals, they gave up their leads. Arizona led by eight and San Fran had a 10-point lead in the fourth quarter of their contests. The Seahawks were destroyed. They more than doubled the number of yards they gained running the ball with penalty yards. It was a bad day for them.

With the Rams set to play the Giants tonight, they are the lone hope for the division to avoid a winless weekend. However, the division teams that already lost do not want the Rams to win as it would make things more difficult in the division. 

It is a weekend like this that fuels the fire that talks smack about how terrible the NFC West is. Apparently, it is true.

Here is how the Sunday of misery went down:


49ers Blow Ten Point Fourth Quarter Lead, Cowboys Kick Us In The Collective Junk - Niners Nation
The 49ers had a huge opportunity to improve to 2-0. They had a chance to make a statement against the Dallas Cowboys. They had a chance to take a step towards erasing the embarrassments of the last five years. And instead they created a whole new embarrassment.


Arizona Cardinals no longer undefeated, lose to Washington Redskins 22-21 - Revenge of the Birds
The Cardiac Cards were back. In a close game vs. Rex Grossman and the Washington Redskins, the Arizona Cardinals lost by 1 point despite a strong performance by Beanie Wells, Larry Fitzgerald, and others.


Seahawks Dispatched By Steelers 24-0 - Field Gulls
Welp, uh, that wasn't very fun. The Seahawks failed to get anything started on offense all day and the Steelers waltzed through on their way to an easy 24-0 win. I can't say I'm surprised by the outcome, but despite my low expectations coming in I still find myself reeling a bit from the total ineptness demonstrated by the Seahawks today.