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Cardinals Vs. Redskins: Two Picks And Kolb TD Toss Gives AZ Early Lead

The Cardinals got off to a good start on the road with two interceptions on the first two Redskins drives and a touch down pass from Kevin Kolb to TE Jeff King. Washington was able to move the ball fairly well, but Arizona made plays on both sides of the ball to jump ahead in the first quarter. 

The Redskins first drive went 70 yards into the red zone before Adrian Wilson intercepted a Rex Grossman forced pass. The drive had been stalled before some extra shoving after the play resulted in a penalty on on the Cardinals.

The Cardinals first drive started with a first down toss from Kevin Kobb to Larry Fitzgerald but the Cardinals were forced to punt after a couple blitzes went unblocked.

The second INT went to Richard Marshall who snagged a tipped ball. The replay showed CB A.J. Jefferson grabbed the receivers arm and got away with a penalty. The pick lead to touch down pass to Jeff King who was once again wide open.

Washington has 129 total yards already in the game with eight first downs. Tim Hightower has 35 yards on nine carries and Grossman is 8-14 for 98 yards. The Cardinals are once again bringing a lot of pressure and seeing mixed results.