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Early Doucet Thriving On Kevin Kolb's Confidence, Ken Whisenhunt's Adjustments

Early Doucet could be in for a big season. On the heels of a nice Week 1 performance (105 receiving yards and one touchdown on three receptions), the fourth-year receiver is generating buzz and could become an intricate piece in the Cardinals offense.

Quarterback Kevin Kolb noticed Doucet's talent in training camp. Kolb noted, "About four days in I knew Early (Doucet) was going to be that way. I told Chad Pennington in the production meeting to watch out for him. Early's got a special feel for the game. He's explosive. He's been battered up and bruised a little bit. If we can keep him healthy, which I know we will, then he'll have a great year."

That's big praise from the starting quarterback, and it's also something to keep in mind as the two continue to develop on-field chemistry. Of course, the last part of Kolb's comment might be the most important. Doucet needs to stay healthy and capitalize on a full season, something he hasn't done yet in his three-year NFL career.

Coach Ken Whisenhunt seems to agree and has been careful in handling Doucet so far this season. In Whisenhunt's words: "Yes, we did (pace Doucet differently in camp) but it was more of a function of his injury from last year and getting back healthy this year. We were a lot more conservative early in camp with (Doucet)...It was nice to see Early have success in the game last week."

Indeed it was. Whisenhunt's adjustments seem to have done Doucet a lot of good, and the wideout could replicate his Week 1 success in the coming weeks. Doucet already has the confidence of his quarterback. Now he only needs to stay on the field and translate that chemistry into yardage.