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Cardinals Vs Redskins Renew Rivalry In Week 2 NFL Battle Of Mediocre Teams

The Arizona Cardinals are a road underdog headed into their Week 2 game versus the Washington Redskins.

Like many rivalries the Arizona Cardinals have across the league, this one with the Washington Red Skins is lopsided. The two teams have played 120 times since 1932 when the Cardinals were in Chicago and the Redskins were the Boston Braves. Week 2 of the NFL gives the Cardinals a chance to even the score...kind of.

The Redskins hold a 73-44-2 advantage over the various incarnations of the Cardinals and of more relevance, have beat Arizona in their last seven meetings. Not the history should matter all that much, but the last six games were decided by 10 points or less.

The past is history so on to 2011 where both teams won their Week 1 games. The Redskins were deemed to have had the more impressive victory when they beat the Giants while the Cardinals are being ridiculed for making Cam Newton look like Joe Montana. 

The Cardinals got into the game as 4.5 point underdogs on the road against a Redskins ranked roughly near the Cardinals (mid-to-high teens) in most NFL power rankings.

We've already seen a mini-fake dust up over some comments from former Cardinals running back Tim Hightower who said his team was going to win (gasp!). Hightower clarified his remarks in a conference call where he wisely and sanely and kind of predictably said:

Word From the Birds BlogHightower’s "guarantee" "
"It’s kind of funny it has even come to that," Hightower said. "That’s one of those things where anyone who’s lived life long enough and been through anything, knows that life isn’t guaranteed. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. People are going to take it however they interpret things. I know my intentions. I don’t have any disrespect for anybody there, but I am a competitor. I want to win."

Now that we are past that silliness is over, we can focus on the game. Expect much more pregame analysis and news in the coming days.

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