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NFL Power Rankings, Week 2: Arizona Cardinals Placed In Middle By ESPN, CBS, FOX

NFL power rankings were released by other mainstream online media outlets other than SB Nation, and the themes were all the same. Cardinals must improve their defense. Cam Newton is amazing. Rinse, repeat.

ESPN: Cardinals move from 21st to 16th, although the main comment they make concerns Cam Newton, so it's pretty much like the Cardinals don't exist and it's all Cam all the time!

CBS Sports: Pete Prisco moves the Cardinals up to 16th from 19th, with plenty of laurels for Kevin Kolb. However, concerns still linger for the team's pass defense, which was severely circumspect in trying to check Newton.

FOX Sports: Brian Billick puts Arizona at 17th (up two spots). Again, the Cardinals defense is the serious concern here. No matter how good a pro Cam Newton might turn out to be, there's just no way the Arizona pass defense can get scorched by that in his rookie debut. A lot of improvements must be made.

Must be perturbing for Cardinals fans to see their team ranked so low at 1-0. But that's the price teams play for getting stuck in the NFC West.

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