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2011 NFL Roster Cuts: Cardinals Playing It Safe At Safety

As the day to set NFL 53-man rosters looms, its seems fairly clear what safeties will remain with the team when the season starts. Four players appear to be locks. A fifth will make the team if the Cardinals keep five players, which could happen. The star of the group is making a fast recovery, it seems, from what many thought was a serious injury.

The Cardinals don't lack experience at this position, and the heart and soul of the unit and the defense as a whole is the man known as A-Dub, 11th-year veteran Adrian Wilson. He's working hard to return from a torn biceps injury that has cost him the entire preseason schedule and most of training camp, but if Wilson isn't ready for the regular-season opener, that could open the door for another safety to make the team.

The locks to make the roster are Wilson, fellow vet Kerry Rhodes and third-year player Rashad Johnson, who's had some good moments in the preseason. Hamza Abdullah, with seven years in the NFL, is right there with that group.

The safety on the bubble is Matt Ware, who has been with the Cardinals for six seasons and was brought back when the seriousness of Wilson's injury became known. Ware has also been a good special teams player, but he could be the odd man out if the Cardinals enter the season with four safeties -- which would presumably mean that Wilson is ready to play. If Wilson isn't ready, the Cardinals could keep five safeties including Ware.

Rookie Jared Campbell's days could be numbered. He's the only other safety currently with the team.

With Ware's ability on special teams and vast experience, plus being cautious with Wilson for at least another week, the Cardinals appear likely to go into the season with five.