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NFL Roster Cuts Deadline: Surprises Coming For Cardinals 53-Man Roster

The 2011 NFL deadline for roster cuts (53-man roster) is Saturday, September 3. We break down each position group for the Arizona Cardinals and give our predictions on who will make the team.

The NFL has a new set of deadlines for roster cuts in 2011 as part of the new CBA. The Arizona Cardinals, like the rest of the league, has to be down to a 53-man roster by September 3. With the current roster at 80, that means there's a lot of cuts coming soon.

Coach Ken Whisenhunt said this week that unlike years past, the roster for his team is far from set going into the final preseason game on Thursday night against Denver. There are a lot of big decisions that will be made between Thursday night and the Saturday deadline.

"We've got a number of guys that have made tremendous strides in camp that are fighting for spots and this will be an opportunity to see them. I'm sure from an outside perspective there may be some surprises but I can't say for us," Whisenhunt said.

Over the next couple of days leading up to Thursday's final preseason game, we will look at the roster battles for each position group and break down who's on the bubble and give our predictions for the final 53-man roster. Stay tuned!