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Chester Taylor Not Released After Being Released

Hey guys! Funny story! So remember that Chester Taylor story that had him saying bye-bye to the Chicago Bears? Well turns out that was all a lie! Yeah I know good one! Taylor's agent tweeted this:

Here's a first for me - the Bears just called me and said they have NOT released Chester. He did talk with Lovie though...misunderstanding?

Joke's on you! And me! And Taylor! And the Bears! Looks like Marion Barber's calf injury threw a wrench into their decision not to keep Taylor, and so here he is, back with Chicago.

If Taylor isn't getting released, then the Arizona Cardinals are running out of options on the free agent market when it comes to finding complementary running backs for Beanie Wells and Alfonso Smith. It looks like Arizona is going to have to ride the young and unknown back through the regular season and hope they pan out, because help coming from the outside is entirely dependent on who other teams decide to cut from their roster or keep. Or in the case of the Bears, cut, then keep.

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