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Adrian Wilson Back And Ornery As Ever; All Rookies Doing Great

Adrian Wilson wasn't going to be kept down for long. He surprised everyone when he took the practice field on Tuesday afternoon wearing his No. 24 Arizona Cardinals practice jersey. Wilson was sidelined with a torn biceps tendon and was scheduled to be out for...well, no one really knew because A-Dub doesn't talk about injuries.

"It felt good to be back out just getting some rust off. We'll see where I'm at in September. Hopefully, there's no set-backs and everything is on the up-and-up," Wilson said after chiding the assembled reporters for not believing in him.

Getting back on the field, even if it was in a limited capacity that kept him out of full scrimmage, was important for Wilson. "For me mentally and for my guys as well," he said.

Asked if he had to be careful with how he used the arm, he responded, "I don't know what that means."

Rest of the team...

Overall, the Cardinals seemed to lack the pep and pop that was present early in training camp. A bit lethargic, they spent some time Tuesday on spread offense and nickle and dime coverage packages. They also ran a full two-minute drill that started out on the 30-yard line and quickly advanced to about the other 20 before the drive stalled with a false start that came from somewhere on the right side of the line (not Levi Brown) and was immediately followed by a sack.

Earlier in the day, coach Ken Whisenhunt said he was pleased with all of his rookies from the 2011 class. He felt that all of them have performed well so far and he can see all of them being good players in the NFL. Expect to see six-round pick LB Quan Sturdivant get even more opportunities in the next two preseason game. He's a bit buried behind a few vets and is still working on taking charge of the defense as a middle linebacker.

Another rookie who's looked very good so far is TE Rob Housler. Whisenhunt said again that Housler has shown a lot of flashes of talent but has work to do with his blocking. Housler left Tuesday's practice with an apparent upper leg injury. 

After making a catch during scrimmage, Housler pulled up immediately and went to the sideline. He was seen after practice ended on the cart with his left leg wrapped in ice. We'll have an update on his status Wednesday.

In other injury news, Ryan Williams had his surgery Tuesday morning. They also repaired a minor meniscus issue while fixing the torn patellar tendon. Whisenhunt reported no problems, but added wryly, "I don't know a doctor who's said a surgery hasn't gone well."

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