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Larry Fitzgerald Extension Or Super Bowl 2015? Arizona Close To Landing Both

Arizona Cardinals' president Michael Bidwill gave two very positive updates on deals that have long-term impact on the team and the state.

Arizona Cardinals fans, if you had to pick between extending Larry Fitzgerald or bringing the Super Bowl back to Glendale in 2015 which would you take? Don't answer that, because according to Cardinals' team president Michael Bidwill both could be close to reality.

Let's start with the more important deal, an extension for Larry Fitzgerald who stands to get big-time paid and deserves every penny.

"I'm optimistic (we can get a deal done by the start of the season), Bidwill said during Cardinals' Tuesday afternoon practice. "I think Larry wants to get it done. We want to get it done. We've got the cap space. We're looking forward to working with them. I know that (GM Rod Graves) has been working on that since free agency started...I think you can get contracts done very quickly when two people are motivated. We've got a lot of motivation and I think Larry wants to get it done too."

As for the Super Bowl in 2015, we already knew that Arizona was a finalist and here's Bidwill expressing optimism on that front as well. There was a time when the word of a Bidwill had as much value as a snow shovel in Phoenix, but given the moves the team has made and the steady progress over the past few years he's earned a more faith and confidence from the fans. 

"I feel very good about our chances with Super Bowl. It's just us and Tampa / Orlando region...We're going to be back in New York in about two weeks talking about details about that bid and then we'll be pitching it later this fall at an NFL meeting I believe in October."

Here's to both deals getting done. Larry in the next few weeks and an announcement later this year bringing the Super Bowl back to Arizona in 2015.