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Larry Fitzgerald Completes Unsurprising Preseason Circus Catch From Kevin Kolb (Video)

Raise your hand if you were surprised when Larry Fitzgerald grabbed that 17-yard pass from Kevin Kolb in the second possession of the Arizona Cardinals vs. Oakland Raiders preseason game. As Kolb said earlier in training camp, a quarterback has to adjust his definition of "open" when it comes to throwing the ball to Fitz.

As Kolb also says, you just "chunk" it up there and number 11 is going to find a way to come down with the ball. It's a nice safety blanket to have and one we fully expect (demand) the Cardinals lock up with a big, fat, long-term contract.

If Arizona allows Fitzgerald to leave town, the Vancouver and London riots will look like a baseball "brawl" in comparison to what the Cardinals fans will do. (Not really, this is still Arizona. We'd be mad but you know, it's hot outside and a riot sounds like a lot of work.)

Below is a screen grab of the play where you see Larry holding off the well-positioned defender while pinning the ball to his head with his left hand. You can see the full video of the play here on


For your Larry Fitzgerald great catch video viewing pleasure, we do have this You Tube of a great one-hand grab Fitz made in training camp.


You know what they say about guys with great hands...