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Braylon Edwards Contract Demands Holding Up Deal With Cardinals, Reports Say

Kerry Rhodes might think that his buddy from the New York Jets is on his way, but it's not over yet.

You see, Braylon Edwards wants to be paid. Braylon Edwards wants to be paid for as long as possible, preferably until the end of time (although he'll probably settle for four-five years). The Arizona Cardinals think otherwise, and that's why these negotiations are at an impasse. Kent Somers with the report.

Cardinals still talking to Braylon Edwards' agent. Possible issue could be Edwards wants long-term deal; cardinals prefer short one.

Clearly, if Arizona can't meet Edwards's demands, that opens him back up to the rest of the market. And a host of other teams might be willing to shell out for him.  Mike Jurecki has the list of teams that are interested in him: The Minnesota Vikings (although that interest might be muted now) the Cardinals, the Washington Redskins, and the Tennessee Titans.

Edwards is a valuable player, but he has had legal issues in his previous stops in Cleveland and New York. Can he be trusted with a long-term deal?

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