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Kevin Kolb Frustrated Having To Watch Practice, Falling Behind Each Day

After just a few days as the quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals, what stands out about Kevin Kolb is his dedication and desire. Of course, anyone in that position is going to say the right things and project the right image to his new team and fans. Matt Leinart talked about being dedicated to football and working hard but that didn't turn out so well.

With Kolb, however, it does ring true when he talks about how frustrating it is having to watch while the rest of the team is on the field practicing.

You see it even in practice where some of the other veteran guys restricted from starting practice by league rules until August 4 are off somewhere else or grouped together on the sideline, Kolb is getting as close to the action as possible. He's standing with the coaches as they run QB drills. He's paying full attention to what's happening on the field.

Kolb says he's picked up a lot studying the playbook, reviewing film, talking to the coaching staff and sitting next to Larry Fitzgerald in meetings but it's still not the same as being on the field.

"The big thing now missing this time during the offseason is catching up on your speed of the game and making sure you can read and react as quickly as you need to. I'm anxious to get back out there," Kolb said in a mid-day press conference.

"The problem is, each day it's compacting on the day before. By the time I get out there it's going to be eight or 10 installs that are going to packed into my head. I just have to make sure that we slow it down. It's just kind of frustrating when you're leaving the field every day you go, 'man, I'm another half-a-step behind now from the rest of the group and of course the rest of the NFL."  

Kevin wants to play in first preseason game against Oakland on August 11 but understands and expects mistakes. He stresses that the important game comes in Week 1 against the Carolina Panthers on September 11.

Kolb excited about Todd Heap and tight ends

One thing that may be different about the Cardinals offense this season is the use of tight ends. Typically, it's not been a featured position in the Arizona passing attack but the team obviously wanted to change that so they went out and added some quality players at that position.

It started with drafting Rob Housler in the third round of the NFL Draft and then adding veteran free agent TE Jeff King who's known more for his blocking and run support and Jim Dray and Stephen Spach are also back in camp. Topping it all off on Sunday was the signing of Todd Heap. 

Heap has everyone from the coach to Larry Fitzgerald to Kevin Kolb excited. He's expected to arrive in camp late Monday evening. There are already signs of change with Cardinal's blogger Jess Root (at camp in Flagstaff) seeing more formations with two tight ends. 

For Kolb, playing with a talented tight end is familiar, "It means a lot and it can mean a lot to this offense just in the few days I've spent in it. I got to where I relied on (Philadelphia Eagle tight end Brent) Celek a lot. Him and I had a good relationship and he can be a safety valve, tight end can be a safety valve for you."

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