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Deuce Lutui Flunks Physical With Bengals, Returns To Cardinals On One Year Deal

Poor Deuce Lutui. Just when it looked like he'd found the deal of a lifetime in the NFL, in a flash it was all but gone.

The free agent guard had just signed a sizable deal with the Cincinnati Bengals. Two years, $8.75 million is pretty good bank for an offensive lineman, particularly as he enters the prime of his career. But one primary concern with the deal was his weight--he is a big guy. And when big guys become too big, you just don't know what they'll do on the field. Food comas, cravings for sweets, getting bowled over by James Harrison...all these things become natural possibilities.

And that's exactly what happened with Lutui. Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis told reporters Lutui failed his physical on Sunday, and many news outlets are confirming he'll be returning to Arizona on a one year deal. And I'd have to guess the amount will be a little bit smaller than the money Cincy was tossing at him.

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