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Cardinals Have Yet To Sign Peterson, Williams; Rookies May Miss Start Of Camp

With the start of training camp set to kick off tomorrow, it is starting to seem unlikely that the Cardinals' top two draft picks will be present and ready to go. According to Arizona Republic beat writer Kent Somers, both Patrick Peterson and Ryan Williams have yet to be contacted about any form of contract negotiations.

Peterson is reportedly at his home in Florida, awaiting any phone calls from the team. Likewise, Williams is still in Washington D.C., and his agent -- Malik Shareef -- commented that he hasn't heard from the Cardinals organization since Wednesday.

At this point, it's unclear why the Cardinals are waiting so long to sign the two rookies. Though it's possible that the franchise was just too busy setting up the many stipulations of the chaotic Kevin Kolb deal, as Somers (perhaps sarcastically) suggests. Regardless, with both locations existing across the country from Flagstaff, it becomes less and less likely with each passing minute that the pair will make it to day one of Cardinals' training camp.

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