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Kevin Kolb Trade To Arizona Finally Done According To Multiple Reports That We Hope Are Correct

Remember that Kevin Kolb trade sending the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback to the Arizona Cardinals in exchange for a second round pick and cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie that was reported Wednesday night as being done? Guess what, it's now looking like it is actually done according to reports from both ESPN and Fox Sports.

Of course, nothing's really done until the ink is on the contract and that can't happen until Friday but this time we really think the trade is done. Unless it's not done in which case we will wait for more reports of it being close to done until it gets done. What does "done" even mean anymore?

Thursday the deal is said to be for five years and $63 million with $20-$22 million guaranteed. Last night the deal was reported to include $30 million guaranteed so congratulations to the Cardinals in saving $8-$10 million in fictional money that wasn't ever real...unless it was.

As we said the last time we thought the deal was done, this is a big move for the Cardinals and pressure is now on Kolb and coach Ken Whisenhunt to make it work.

We would expect a formal announcement on Friday from the team and the press conference soon there after will likely take place in Flagstaff where the weather is some 30 degrees cooler making for optimal press conference conditions. Under the current NFL rules, Kolb can join the team immediately but can't begin practice until August 4th when the new CBA is scheduled to be officially ratified. 

Good luck, Mr. Kolb, and don't think that just because you aren't in Philly that the fans won't boo you if you play poorly. Just as Max Hall, Derek Anderson, Matt Leinart or Tom Tupa. Good luck, DRC, watch the snow balls.

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[Note by Seth Pollack, 07/28/11 12:27 PM MST ]

Then know the drill. 


Twitter / @kentsomers: I'm told the Kolb deal is not finalized, probably won't be today. Friday more likely. Think terms are set but waiting.


Twitter / @ClarkJudgeCBS: terms of eagles deal seem complete, with DRC and #2 for kolb, but not sure what hangup is. eagles waiting to sign off

[Note by Seth Pollack, 07/28/11 1:06 PM MST ]

And we're back...

Twitter / @kentsomers: whatever hurdles needed to be cleared have, Kolb deal expected to be announced soon