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Arizona Cardinals To Re-sign Punter, Add Free Agent Blocking TE

While the first day of free agency was expected to be a busy one for the Cardinals, it didn't happen. No real news about the next quarterback, as the Cardinals and Philadelphia Eagles are trying to see who gives in on the other's demands. However, Arizona did make two moves that are important, but understated moves. 

The first free agent move they made was to come to an agreement with blocking tight end Jeff King, who previously played for the Carolina Panthers

The second, per teammate Jay Feely, was that the team agreed to re-sign punter Ben Graham.

King is known primarily as a blocking tight end. He has even played offensive tackle when it was needed in an emergency. However, he is not one-dimensional. While he caught just 19 passes in 2010, he has caught as many as 46 in a season. 

The signing all but eliminates the possibility of local product Todd Heap coming to Arizona. The Cardinals already have 2010 draft pick Jim Dray and 2011 third rounder Robert Housler. Stephen Spach is a free agent and unlikely will not return.

Perhaps with the addition of King, the Cardinals can shift their offense a little more towards one that runs the ball regularly. 

In re-signing Graham, they bring back a guy who has been effective for the team. He was not quite as good in 2010 when the offense struggled and he was asked to flip the field. He is one of the best punters with a short field and he can pin the opponent back. Hopefully there will be more chances to that.

More announcements and signings are sure to be forthcoming. Stay tuned.

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