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Seattle Seahawks Out Of Kevin Kolb Sweepstakes

insinuated earlier the Seattle Seahawks could be trying to drive up the price on Kevin Kolb for the Arizona Cardinals. That theory has gone out the window. 

The Seahawks will be bringing in former Minnesota Vikings quarterback Tarvaris Jackson.  Jackson has started 20 games in five seasons including 12 in 2007.

According to Jason La Canfora from the NFL Network this means the Seahawks are no longer in the Kevin Kolb sweepstakes. 

@JasonLaCanfora RE

Similar sentiments are coming from Jeff McLane, Philadelphia Eagles beat writer for The Philadelphia Inquirer

@Jeff_McLane RE

Now the question that needs to be posed is will this make the Eagles move quicker on a Kolb to Cardinals deal or will they look for another team to try and drive up the price?