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Quarterback Rumors: Kevin Kolb or Kyle Orton For The Arizona Cardinals

The assumption heading into NFL free agency and trading period was Kevin Kolb would be donning Arizona Cardinals red, white, and black almost immediately.  This has not been the case.

One NFL Network reporter even thinks the Cardinals could end up going in another direction.

"It's going to take less to get Kyle Orton," said NFL Network's Jason La Canfora. "From what I'm hearing a 3rd round pick, possibly to move up to something else based on how Orton performs and he gets extended by the team that trades for him. Something like that could get done and when your talking about a possible first round pick for Kolb there's teams like Miami and Arizona that might go ahead and pull the trigger on Kyle Orton first." 

The reason for a possible delay in a Kolb deal is the Philadelphia Eagles trying to get as much as they can for their back up quarterback. 

One team continuing to get mentioned as a possible landing spot for Kolb is the Cardinals division rival Seattle Seahawks

Charles Robinson from Yahoo Sports tweeted out "In other news, Arizona favorite for Kevin Kolb, bud don't sleep on Seattle. Hasselbeck not re-signing with the Seahawks. Seattle in the race."

The tough part for the Cardinals is deciphering whether the Seahawks are really interested in Kolb or if the Eagles and Seahawks are conspiring to raise the price on the Cardinals.  The Eagles would benefit by getting more for Kolb and Seahawks would make a division rival sacrifice more to get the quarterback they want. 

The question we are all waiting to be answered will the Cardinals call their bluff, give up more than they want to, or go with Kyle Orton?

Hopefully we get our answer soon.