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Cardinals Begin Adding UFAs, BYU Safety Andrew Rich, OK OL Eric Mensik Reported

The Arizona Cardinals, like the rest of the NFL, is now free to begin the process of filling out their roster. The Cards have only 41 players under contract and have just a few days to add 49 more to fill out the 90-man training camp roster. The first thing the schedule allows teams to do is sign drafted and undrafted rookie free agents.

The drafted rookies are a known factor and will get signed under the terms of the new CBA in due course. The undrafted free agent signings that normally take place after the NFL Draft is where the real action is. Teams are scrambling to fill holes and you can image the amount of phone calls being made between front offices and agents and the made dash decisions that will come in this compressed time frame.

The Cardinals are just getting into the process and three undrafted rookie free agents names have already been reported. BYU safety Andrew Rich, Oklahoma OL Eric Mensik and NC State OT Jake Vermiglio have both been reported by the media as the first of many more additions to come.

Mensik is listed at 6-6, 288 pounds and played in 23 games for the Sooners and started just three. Rich is a 6-3, 220 pound safety coming off a shoulder surgery. Vermiglio, 6-5, 315 pounds, was selected All-ACC Honorable Mention for the 2010 college football season.

None of these signings are confirmed at this point.