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Arizona Cardinals Players Respond To Lockout End Via Twitter, Darnell Dockett MIA

The fans are excited about the NFL lockout ending. The owners and players union say they are happy with the new 10-year deal. The media is probably the most thrilled because they had even more money on the line than the players and owners who's deep pockets would have sustained a longer stoppage. 

Not surprisingly, the Arizona Cardinals players responded to the news via Twitter. Kicker Jay Feely was the first to break the official news:

Twitter / @jayfeely: I know i was for certain RT @BrownsGirl19 @jayfeely I think you might have literally been the first to break the official news!

The face of the franchise and 2011 free agent priority chimed in with a song:

Twitter / @LarryFitzgerald: "Hey Laaaa hey Laaaa my girlfriend's (Football) back"

Even retired hero Alan Faneca had something to say:

Twitter / @afan66: Ready, set, .....get your a** to camp!

Kerry Rhodes initially was a bit freaked but he quickly recovered:

Twitter / @kerryrhodes: Lol wow ok I guess I gotta be at work on WED!!! Nice heads up. Geez. #scramblemode!

Twitter / @kerryrhodes: RT @teamrhodes25: Wooooooooooooohooooooooooooooo Football Is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Free agent Steve Breaston immediately went to the most important thing money food:

Twitter / @SBreaston15: they say in the agreement I will be able to get free breadsticks with my 2 large pizzas #conferencecall

Twitter / @SBreaston15: But first...

The rookie chimed in as well with a rookie tweet:

Twitter / @ThE_rEaL_P2: What is the best APP for the Iphone.

Other athletes had something to say. Now, we'll see if the NBA can end it's lockout before any games are missed:

Twitter / @JaredDudley619: Breaking News: NFL Lock out is officially over!!!! The NFL PA excutive committee votes to approve settlement with NFL.. Yes!!!!!

But the greatest Arizona Cardinal tweeter of them all has been strangely silent all morning. We just hope his new friend Nino didn't eat him: .:. DARNELL DOCKETT's Photos - LOOK at NINO close up @peta does it looks like he wanna leave?!? NOPE!