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Kevin Kolb Already House Hunting In Arizona

Rumors of Kevin Kolb being traded to the Arizona Cardinals have heated up in recent days. The move would make sense for plenty of reasons, the primary one being that the Cards are in desperate need of a quarterback while the Eagles are searching for a suitor that would give up significant assets for the exchange.

Well, with news that the lockout is close to being lifted, perhaps we’ll soon hear if the trade is in fact in the cards, but Kolb is wasting no time preparing for that possibility. According to Sal Palontonio, who was on the Colin Cowherd Show this morning, Kolb has already started looking at real estate in the Phoenix area.

“He is already picking out a house in Arizona, in the Phoenix area, guaranteed,” ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio said on The Herd with Colin Cowherd. “He is already looking at real estate.”

I question just how little contact is actually going on between players and teams when I hear news like this, but I suppose Kolb could just be preemptively preparing for any possibility for him in 2011. Nevertheless, the report certainly adds fuel to the fire that Ken Whisenhunt will have a much more adept signal caller to work with for the 2011 season.