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Kevin Kolb Has Private Workout With Larry Fitzgerald

While we sit and wait for the NFL lockout to finally be over (and the lockout could viably be lifted in the next couple of days), in Arizona the quarterback rumors continue to be the main football story. And the QB rumor that never dies is the one that connects Philadelphia Eagles backup Kevin Kolb with the Arizona Cardinals.

The latest report comes from and claims that the Cardinals' star receiver Larry Fitzgerald and Kolb worked out together. It happened at the Arizona State University practice bubble, which has been the site of a few workouts that Fitzgerald organized for teammates during the offseason.

Earlier in the offseason Kolb's name came up as one of the quarterbacks Fitzgerald would like to see in Arizona for 2011. Rumors of a supposed deal in place have been mentioned for months, going back as far as the NFL Draft back in April. 

ESPN's Sal Paolantonio also has said that Kolb is looking for real estate in Arizona. 

If this deal does not happen, it will have been probably the greatest upset in offseason rumors ever. If it does happen according to reports, it will have been the worst kept secret ever. 

Obviously the workout alone should not be the smoking gun, as Fitz has also worked out with teammates Max Hall, John Skelton and Richard Bartel, as well as non-teammates Donovan McNabb (here in AZ) and Kyle Orton (in Minnesota). However, with everything else that has been out in the media, it is probably safe to say that it is themost likely move to happen in the first few days after the NFL lockout ends.