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Despite Reports, Peter King Thinks Matt Hasselbeck Could Come To Arizona Cardinals

Just a week ago it seemed that the quarterback picture was getting clearer, Peter King seemed to muck it all up again with a set of tweets Wednesday morning. When responding to someone who was sure that Matt Hasselbeck would be returning to the Seattle Seahawks and that Charlie Whitehurst would most certainly would not be the starter in 2011, King tweets, "you are incorrect, sir."

When someone else then asked King where Hasselbeck would be come the season, he responded as he did around the start of the NFL Draft, stating that the most likely destination for the bald veteran signal-caller is Arizona. 

This seems to fly in the face of all the the reports out there. Hasselbeck has a copy of the Seattle playbook and has been leading workouts with his teammates. Most reports have him returning to the team he has played for years.

The part that causes us to think about this is the fact that, while King is not reporting anything as breaking news, he typically has some inside knowledge. 

If indeed he ends up here in Arizona, it would be a clear sign that the team thinks that it will be able to hand over the reigns to John Skelton in the future. Hasselbeck is 35 years old and has a recent history of injuries. 

He would certainly come at a lower cost than Kevin Kolb or Kyle Orton because he is a free agent and thus no draft picks would be given up. 

Hasselbeck, if healthy, would not be a bad choice. He knows the division well, he has won a lot in it and is a great leader. 

Once again, all of this requires that the lockout end, otherwise it will never matter.