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NFL Trade Rumors: Kevin Kolb To Arizona Cardinals For DRC

Even with the NFL lockout now beyond 100 days in length and teams technically unable to discuss player moves, he trade rumors continue to fly regarding the Arizona Cardinals and quarterback Kevin Kolb. The two have been connected for months and all sorts of deals have been brought up. The latest speculation no longer involves future draft picks at all, but rather a straight up trade for a player. 

Supposedly, there is a deal in place to bring Kolb to Arizona for cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. In terms of personnel, it makes sense. Philly needs a cornerback and Arizona needs a quarterback. Arizona, on paper, has an extra CB because of drafting Patrick Peterson, leaving there potentially three starting caliber players (Peterson, DRC and Greg Toler). Philly has two starting quarterbacks essentially with Kolb and Michael Vick

There are lots of reasons to say yes or say no to this potential trade. But most come down to the premise that if Kolb turns out to be the franchise-type QB many believe he can be, then no matter what the cost ends up being, it will have been worth it. If he is less than that, then that is where the issue lies. 

In any case, it continues to be pure speculation, but once the lockout is done and a new CBA is in place, it is not likely going to be long before we know how it all plays out.