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Arizona Cardinals Not Opposed To Trading 1st Rd Pick For QB

Since the NFL Draft has come and gone and the Cardinals did not draft a quarterback, all eyes are now firmly focused on the possible existing NFL quarterback possibilities out there for the Arizona Cardinals. The names Kevin Kolb, Marc Bulger, Matt Hasselbeck and Carson Palmer are those most frequently connected to the Cardinals' starting quarterback position. Cards GM Rod Graves was interviewed on Monday on a local radio station about the draft and also the quarterback position, and he revealed something telling.

Graves said that they are "not opposed" to trading a future draft pick to address the quarterback position on the team. 

"We'd have to take a strong look at it but we are open to a lot of different scenarios. It certainly may entail us having to give up a high round draft choice in order to make a trade successful if we are in that situation."

This will certainly feed the trade rumor beasts and the speculation that Kevin Kolb will be a target of the team. 

Does that mean that it is a certainty that there will be a trade? Of course not. However, it certainly means that the Cardinals are truly serious about improving the play at the most important position in the NFL. 

If anything else, we can all find solace and hope that the Cardinals are not going to stand pat and are really trying to be competitive and put themselves in a position to win now and in the future.