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Larry Fitzgerald Leads Players-Only Workouts That Are Trend In NFL Lockout

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During the current NFL lockout, which has been the longest work stoppage in the league's history, the teams cannot have contact with their players. However, despite the inability to use team facilities, many players have not been sitting around and watching TV. Many have been taking place in organized workouts, but lead by fellow teammates and other players. 

These player workouts have made the news nationally, including Richard Seymour leading workouts for the Raiders, Mark Sanchez leading "Jets West" and Joe Flacco in Baltimore. Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald has been doing the same thing, "organizing" workouts at Arizona State University.

Fitzgerald is the first to say that it is not as if he did everything. In an interview with Fox Sports Radio, he gave credit to the university for making facilities available to players. 

"I wouldn't say I organized it. ASU has done a great job of letting us use the facilities there. Some of the guys showed up to get the workout and throw the ball around. I think the thing that you really miss is being in the locker room, being around the guys, the team camaraderie, just that special bonding time that you have with your guys. I think we're able to get that right now but there is nothing like being in the locker room."

These workouts have are not a recent occurrence. Fitzgerald has been holding these workouts since early April.

Some regulars to these workouts, per Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic, have been quarterbacks John Skelton, Richard Bartel and Max Hall, and receivers Steve Breaston, Max Komar, Stephen Williams and Onrea Jones

Players from other teams have shown up as well. The most notable has been quarterback Donovan McNabb, who resides in the Valley. All are welcome. In fact, these workouts have averaged  between 20-30 players. 

Considering the strife the lockout has caused among the NFL fanbase, the one thing that has been refreshing has been seeing how many players are showing some dedication to the game we all wish to see played in the fall.