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NFL Trade Rumors: Marc Bulger Not Interested In Cardinals, Kolb Chatter Heating Up

It wasn't that long ago that the Arizona Cardinals had an "understanding" with free agent quarterback Marc Bulger. There were some around these parts who were thrilled about the prospect and even made comparisons to Kurt Warner. Scott Howard explains:

Marc Bulger Should Be The Arizona Cardinals' Next Quarterback - SB Nation Arizona
Anyone that watched Kurt Warner play for the Cardinals knows that his success was predicated on a deadly mix of accuracy, a quick release, and an ability to hold the ball until the very last second possible before finding an open receiver. These are all things Bulger is capable of.

Unfortunately for Bulger fans, it looks like he's not interested in moving out west. And while this might be bad news for some, it's good news for those pulling for the Kevin Kolb era to begin.

NFL: John Clayton examines 10 deals that need to get done when the lockout finally ends - ESPN
It's starting to sound like Marc Bulger, an East Coast guy with family considerations, might not be lured to Phoenix by the chance to be the Cardinals' starter.That may be the reason we're hearing more about a trade that could bring Kolb to Arizona.

According to Clayton's report, Philadelphia wants a first round pick for Kolb but the Cardinals are more inclined to part with two second round picks instead. But if the Cardinals really believe they can win the NFC West with Kolb, can they afford to be to stingy with the offer?