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NFL Quarterback Trade Rumors: Kevin Kolb To Arizona, Miami Not Interested

The second best thing about the NFL lockout being over will the end to all the silly trade rumors. The biggest name out there seems to be quarterback Kevin Kolb, currently of the Philadelphia Eagles but soon to be throwing for the Arizona Cardinals according to one loud mouth analyst who says "book it". 

The basis for Mr. Adam Schein's confident proclamation isn't a source or any other reporting. He simply thinks it makes the most sense so therefor it will happen. While we can't disagree that Kolb coming the Cardinals does make sense, when has that ever been the only basis for getting deals done in the NFL?

There's at least one team out there that thinks the asking price for Kolb is too high. The Miami Dolphins are reported to be out of the Kolb market. Note that this report cites an actual team official. 

Sports Buzz -
Besides the fact Miami doesn’t want to trade a future No. 1 pick when the lockout ends, one Dolphins official expressed skepticism about whether Kevin Kolb’s body of work is enough to justify such compensation (seven career starts; 11 touchdowns; 14 interceptions)

Please NFL Lockout, end soon.

Here's video of Mr. Schein making his confident prediction that seems more like an audition to replace Glenn Beck than any kind of sports analyst we would want to watch on a regular basis.

It's not hard to understand after viewing this why there already exists a Facebook page called "Adam Schein is a Jerk".