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Cardinals Continue To Ignore Needs, Draft FB Anthony Sherman In 5th Round

While you are out at the pool or playing golf or mowing the lawn (sorry), the 2011 NFL Draft is moving right along. In the fifth round of the draft, the Arizona Cardinals continued the "best available" theme and went with full back Anthony Sherman out of Connecticut.

Sherman is a beefy 245 pounds at just 5-10 and is rated as a very good special teams player who is considered a "hard-nose blocker and reliable receiver". He had 63 special team tackles as UConn Huskie.

Asked by the media at Cardinals Draft HQ about not taking an offensive lineman, GM Rod Graves said, "Again, we are allowing our (draft) board to dictate our selections."

Sherman seems to understand his role in life fairly well and reportedly said, "You gotta have a couple screws loose to be a fullback. I don't know if everyone can do it, but there are a few of us doing it every day out here."

Here's Revenge of the Bird's take on the Sherman pick:

2011 NFL Draft Results: Arizona Cardinals Draft Fullback Anthony Sherman In The Fifth Round - Revenge of the Birds
Looks like the Cardinals really want to run the ball more. They haven't upgraded the Offensive Line at all yet, but they have selected Ryan Williams in the second round, and in the fifth round they have added Fullback Anthony Sherman from UConn.