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NFL Draft Day 3: Saturday Schedule And Updated Draft Order For Round 4

The 2011 NFL Draft enters it's final day on Saturday with Rounds 4 through Rounds 7 scheduled to start at 9:00 p.m. (PT). The fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh round are the time we separate the casual fans from the hard core college and pro football junkies. For those who have nothing better to do on a Saturday, the action is broadcast live on TV on either ESPN or the NFL Network. You can also watch online at

SB Nation's NFL Draft Hub, will continue its coverage of over pick. Here's a summary of the picks in each round: first round draft picks, second round draft picks and third round draft picks. They also have a complete list of the best available players remaining.

Here's the full updated draft order for Round 4 and here's a list of all the remaining picks in the 2011 NFL Draft:

98) Carolina
99) Seattle (from New England via Denver)
100) Buffalo
101) Cincinnati
102) Cleveland
103) Arizona
104) Philadelphia (from Washington)
105) Houston
106) Minnesota
107) Seattle (from Detroit)
108) Denver (from San Francisco)
109) Tennessee
110) Dallas
111) Miami
112) St. Louis
113) Oakland
114) Jacksonville
115) San Francisco (from San Diego)
116) Tampa bay
117) New York Giants
118) Kansas City
119) Indianapolis
120) Philadelphia
121) Jacksonville (from New Orleans)
122) Buffalo (from Seattle)
123) Baltimore
124) Cleveland (from Atlanta)
125) Oakland (from New England)
126) New York Jets
127) Washington (from Chicago)
128) Pittsburgh
129) Green Bay
130) Tennessee (compensatory)
131) Green Bay (compensatory)