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NFL Lockout Back After Brief Confusing Vacation

It's been a wacky week in the legal world of the NFL Lockout. First Judge Susan Nelson ruled that the lockout was over and order the NFL to reopen for business. Then after some confusing fits and starts, the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals granted a temporary stay and basically put Nelson's ruling on temporary hold.

SB Nation explains more:

NFL Lockout Is Back; League Granted Temporary Stay -
On Friday morning, the league started allowing players into the facilities and began allowing contact between players and coaches but didn't announce any plans regarding trades, re-signings or free agency.  And by Friday evening, have this news. So the lockout is back -- for now -- and we will focus on the NFL draft this weekend. On Monday, though, we'll be waiting to hear 

It turns out to be an NFL fan these days you have to not only know what a "5 technique" is but you need to be a lawyer and an accountant as well. When big business meets sports, the money will win every time. Fun stuff.