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NFL Draft Round 2, Picks 39-47: Brooks Reed Goes To Texans While Lions And Rams Pick Up Receiving Options

The second round of the 2011 NFL Draft continued in the wake of the Cardinals' pick with a pair of offensive linemen (Akeem Ayers of UCLA and Bruce Carter at UNC) coming off the boards to the Tennessee Titans and the Dallas Cowboys, respectively.

Arizona's defensive end Brooks Reed was taken two picks later as the 42nd overall pick (and the tenth pick of the second round) by the Houston Texans. He will surely bolster the Texan's much maligned defense.

The Lions decided to complement their first round pick of Nick Farley with wide receiver Titus Young of Boise State. This gives Detroit another weapon to pair with receiver Calvin Johnson.

The Denver Broncos had the next two picks- the first of which they acquired from the Brandon Marshall trade last year- and they chose safety Rahim Moore of UCLA as well as offensive guard Orlando Franklin of Miami.

The St. Louis Rams selected tight end Lance Kendricks of Wisconsin with the next pick (15th of the second round). This is a good move by the Rams as they try to improve the receiving core around quarterback Sam Bradford.