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NFL Draft Round 2: Cardinals Surprise With Running Back Ryan Williams

The second round of the 2011 NFL Draft quickly moved through five picks. Two quarterbacks were taken and two cornerbacks were taken and one defensive lineman is off the board. That left plenty of options available to the Arizona Cardinals with the 38th pick (sixth of the second round). With that pick the Cardinals took a running back, Ryan Williams from Virginia Tech. 

All the talk about the Cardinals needing help rushing the quarterback, or getting a quarterback, and the Cardinals switched things up and went with a running back. This obviously tells us that coach Ken Whisenhunt isn't happy with his duo of Tim Hightower and Beanie Wells

Ryan Williams put up 477 yards in 110 carries last season with Va Tech. Williams was rated as the second-best running back on many experts boards but like Beanie Wells there's durability concerns. 

It's an interesting pick in many ways, both what it says about the Cardinals current core of ball carriers but also passing up on a couple of interesting defensive lineman like Brooks Reed, and Da'Quan Bowers or outside linebacker Akeem Ayers. This is just another pick that proves the uselessness of trying to predict what teams will do on draft day.