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NFL Draft 2011, Round 2 Picks 34-37: 49ers Trade Up For A QB, Bengals Take Dalton

The second round of the 2011 NFL Draft continued with picks 34 to 37. 

With the 34th pick the Buffalo Bills passed on a quarterback and instead took the second defensive back of the second round, Aaron Williams of Texas. Since the Patriots held on to their pick and the Bills passed on a QB, that made things easy and obvious for the Cincinnati Bengals. So with the 35th pick on the second round, Andy Dalton becomes the first red headed QB taken in the 2011 NFL Draft.

With the 36th pick of the second draft, San Francisco traded for the Broncos pick and got quarterback Colin Kaepernick of Nevada. He's a project but if there's a coach suited to develop the young man it's Jim Harbaugh.

The 49ers gave up the 45th, 108th and 141st picks in exchange for the 36th pick from the Broncos. Obviously, they didn't want to miss out on getting the QB they liked.

The Cleveland Browns had the 37th pick of the second round and with that pick they took Jabaal Sheard, DE, Pittsburgh.