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Updated NFL Draft Order For Second Round After Trades

There were a handful of trades that went down in Round 1 of the 2011 NFL Draft that changed up the oder that teams are picking in Friday night's Round 2 action. Here's an update to the draft order since that includes the trades made on Draft Day 1.

33. New England Patriots

34. Buffalo Bills

35. Cincinnati Bengals

36. Denver Broncos

37. Cleveland Browns

38. Arizona Cardinals

39. Tennessee Titans

40. Dallas Cowboys

41. Washington Redskins

42. Houston Texans

43. Minnesota Vikings

44. Detroit Lions

45. San Francisco 49ers

46. Denver Broncos

47. St. Louis Rams

48. Oakland Raiders

49. Washington Redskins

50. San Diego Chargers

51. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

52. New York Giants

53. Indianapolis Colts

54. Philadelphia Eagles

55. Kansas City Chiefs

56. New England Patriots

57. Seattle Seahawks

58. Baltimore Ravens

59. Cleveland Browns

60. New England Patriots

61. San Diego Chargers

62. Chicago Bears

63. Pittsburgh Steelers

64. Green Bay Packers

Click here for the full draft order for all the remaining rounds for the 2011 NFL Draft.