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NFL Draft Online: Watch Your Computer Instead Of TV

The 2011 NFL Draft will be broadcast on TV on both ESPN and the NFL Network. But not everyone has a TV and not everyone that has a TV has cable. And not everyone that has cable TV likes to watch it. Some people like to watch big event online and for those people, whatever the reason, there are options.

The 2011 NFL Draft will be streamed online for free in two (TWO) places. The official NFL website will have the feed as will ESPN. It is unusual for something like this to broadcast in two places. Typically the rights holder sells a broadcast license to a partner, in this case ESPN. But this is the NFL and as we all know, they play by their own rules.

To check out the official broadcast of the draft, head over to or you can just click here on this handy link we provided. There will be full coverage from Radio City Music Hall in New York just like you were there...or watching on TV.

The live-stream for ESPN will not be shown on ESPN3 where you might expect to find it. Instead it will be on In order to view the stream, you must have cable service from one of three carries: Time Warner, Bright House or Verizon. That stream will mirror the ESPN broadcast, it appears.

Enjoy your online viewing of the 2011 NFL Draft.