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2011 NFL Draft Trade: Cardinals Might Move Into 1st Round, Whisenhunt Says

The Arizona Cardinals received numerous calls about selling their fifth pick from Round 1 of the 2011 NFL Draft. GM Rod Graves told reporters that many teams called but Patrick Peterson was too good to pass up. Coach Ken Whisenhunt added to the intrigue when he told the local media, "I wouldn't rule it out" when asked if his day was done.

The Cardinals could package their second (38) and third (69) round picks to move into the later part of the first round if there's a player on the board that they really like. Or, perhaps they will trade out of their second round pick and stockpile some later-round picks to add depth. Or maybe they won't make a trade at all and all this speculation will turn out to sound even more stupid tomorrow than it does today.

Regardless of what comes next, one person very happy with the Peterson pick is defensive leader, Darnell Dockett. Dockett tweeted his pleasure:

Twitter / @DARNELL DOCKETT: Great Pick! Patrick Peters ...

Great Pick! Patrick Peterson! I told yall who we was gonna get! I known him 4two years he works hard and plays hard! GREAT PICK COACH WHIZ!