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2011 NFL Draft Results: Picks 6-10 Shake Up Locker, Gabbert, NFL

Wow, the 2011 NFL Draft was going so smoothly until the Tennessee Titans decided to pick up Jake Locker, quarterback out of Washington. Here's how it went down:

6th overall: The Atlanta Falcons traded up, taking the Cleveland Browns' pick. They decided to upgrade their offense, adding Julio Jones, wide receiver out of Alabama.

7th overall: The San Francisco 49ers picked up Aldon Smith, defensive end out of Missouri. With new coach John Harbaugh in place, it looks like Alex Smith is going to stay under center in the Bay Area in 2011.

8th overall: The Tennessee Titans surprised everyone by picking up Jake Locker. Check out my thoughts here.

9th overall: The Dallas Cowboys grabbed Tyron Smith to help improve their incredibly terrible offensive line. Tony Romo kissed Jerry Jones' hand shortly after the pick went through.

10th overall: The Jacksonville Jaguars traded up, switching picks with the Washington Redskins to grab Blaine Gabbert out of Missouri. Even with David Garrard on the staff, Gabbert is still the right choice here.

After ten picks, a few notables are still on the board: Nick Fairley and Prince Amukamara. Lets see what happens next in what has been a very exciting NFL Draft.