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2011 NFL Draft, Round 1: A. J. Green Goes To The Bengals, Ochocinco Thrilled

The Cincinnati Bengals make the first interest pick of the 2011 NFL Draft. With the fourth pick of Round 1, they've taken A. J. Green. Bengals enigmatic wide receiver / soccer player, Chad Ochocinco, tweeted earlier in the day that his desire to play with Green. 

Twitter / @Chad Ochocinco: What time does the draft s ...
What time does the draft start? I'm so excited. A.J. Green to the Bengals would be totally EPIC,he's a beast,safe and smart pick #please

But shouldn't Mr. Cinco be scared? A.J. Green is going to run Chad out of town faster than Terrell Owens can say something dumb. The next big question for the Bengals is what to do with Carson Palmer who desperately wants out of the Queen City and away from those head cases he's supposed to throw the ball to. 

The Arizona Cardinals are now on the clock.