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2011 NFL Draft, Round 1 Results: Buffalo Bills Select Marcell Dareus

The Buffalo Bills play in a very tough division, going up against some of the best quarterbacks in the league (Tom Brady, and Mark Sanchez is developing quickly).

To help improve their defense against these quality teams, the Bills selected Marcell Dareus, defensive tackle out of Alabama, with the third overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft.

Dareus doesn't exactly fill a huge need for the Bills, who were hoping that Von Miller or Cam Newton would fall into their laps. There was a lot of discussion regarding whether or not the Bills would pick Blaine Gabbert with this pick, but Ryan Fitzpatrick showed flashes of being a good quarterback last season.

After picking Marcell Dareus, the Bills now have upgraded an important position on the field -- some have said that Dareus' ceiling is almost as high as Ndamukong Suh. Up next are the Cincinnati Bengals with the 4th overall pick.