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2011 NFL Draft, Round 1 Results: Cam Newton Prepares To Join Bust List

As expected, the Carolina Panthers have selected Auburn quarterback Cam Newton with the number one overall pick of the 2011 NFL Draft. Newton is the obvious choice for the Panthers, who have no choice but to do something drastic to revive their struggling team. 

Newton brings a lot of skills to the table. He can run. He can pass. But he's also going to be a bust. Newton will mostly likely join this list of first pick busts. Newton simply doesn't have the desire to put in the work to be great. To make matters worse, he's going to get that huge guaranteed money and that is not going to go over well in the long run.

In three years, or less, the Panthers' fans are going to look back on this night of the 2011 NFL Draft and wish with all their might that they own a hot tub time machine.

The Denver Broncos are now on the clock for the number two pick. Will it be Von Miller?