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Patrick Peterson Radio Interview: 'It Would Be A Pleasure To Play' In Arizona

Patrick Peterson conducted a radio interview with Phoenix radio station, Sports 620, just hours before the 2011 NFL Draft. Peterson has ties to Arizona via his cousin, Bryant McFadden. McFadden was a member of the Arizona Cardinals in 2009 and Peterson visited Phoenix to watch his cousin play in the Cardinals playoff game against the Green Bay Packers in January 2010. McFadden had seven tackles in that game by the way.

Peterson seems to have the media script down pat. He said, "yes, sir" a lot and answered questions as you might expect. He says his goal is to be drafted first overall but is "blessed just to be in this position." He called himself a winner and just wants to help whatever team drafts him.

As for coming to the Cardinals as many of the mock drafts suggest, Peterson seemed happy with that prospect. He was excited about the idea of playing against Larry Fitzgerald in practice and thrilled if he didn't have to play against Fitz on Sunday. 

Peterson said he loves the weather in Phoenix (smart man) and that, "It would be a pleasure to to play in the red and white uniform."