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NFL Draft Trade Rumors: Falcons Coming Hard For Cardinals Pick Glazer Reports

Everyone seems to want Patrick Peterson. The Houston Texans and Dallas Cowboys were previously mentioned in rumors as teams interested in a trade with the Arizona Cardinals to get the fifth pick and nab the talented LSU cornerback. Now it seems, we can add the Atlanta Falcons to the list of potential suitors.

Jay Glazer of Fox Sports reported via twitter that the Falcons are aggressively looking for a play maker and want to get into the top seven and are, "talking w Cards, Browns and 49ers w Browns the most likely spot."

Earlier this week SI's Peter King reported that the Falcons wanted to trade into the top 10 to acquire WR A.J. Green or WR Julio Jones according to SB Nation's Joel Thorman.

With all these teams wanting the Cardinals pick, one might think the Cardinals, a team with a lot of needs themselves, might also consider using it to take a sweet player to help them, you know, win more games.