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NFL Sets 'Post-Injunction Operations' Guidelines, Starting 2011 NFL Year

Having lost their request for a stay of the injunction that Judge Nelson enforced to lift the lockout, the NFL has issued a statement, setting forth the preliminary guidelines for team and player interactions. It does not yet address player trades or player contracts. The league said that they would release those guidelines as early as tomorrow. 

What it means for now regarding player movement is that during the draft picks can be dealt, but players cannot. No free agent signings will happen during the draft. 

As for the team-player communications, starting tomorrow, the teams are to allow players in the facilities. Playbooks can be distributed, as well as game film.

Players can receive medical treatment and do rehab, "as scheduled by the club."

OTAs and minicamps can also occur. Unsupervised use of the weight room is permitted, provided the player has a personal medical insurance policy. 

The league was very clear to state, though, that they had filed an appeal with the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals, so it is possible that this all goes away next week if the court grants a stay of the injunction then. 

Until then, we might have ourselves some fun with player movement very soon.