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NFL Draft Approaching Fast, Will The Cardinals Take A Quarterback? (Poll)

The biggest question facing the Arizona sports scene in at least that past three weeks focuses on the Arizona Cardinals search to replace All-Universe quarterback / super dad, Kurt Warner. Last season's Derek Anderson and Max Hall debacle made it painfully obvious that the Cardinals need an upgrade under center. No one is disputing that.

The question is if the Cardinals are better off drafting a QB with their number five overall first round pick in Thursday's NFL Draft or if they should find a project QB in the later rounds and gamble that they can get a more experienced guy via trade once the lockout is lifted. They already have last year's rookies Max Hall and John Skelton and one of those guys could possibly turn into a serviceable backup if the team is patient.

The various mock drafts have the Cardinals taking defensive players such at Patrick Patterson or Von Miller with the fifth pick. Others slot in QB Blaine Gabbert of Missouri who many experts feel will develop into a very good NFL quarterback in a few years.

What's not clear is if the Cardinals feel like they have a couple of years to wait for Gabbert to develop. On the other hand, if they pass on a quarterback they will be fighting to land one of the few available vets with 12 or so other teams once free agency opens. With Larry Fitzgerald's looming free agency, the team can't risk another season like 2010-11.

It's a dilemma for sure. What would you do?