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Larry Fitzgerald Offers Hand Out To Help Max Hall And Other Rookies Through Lockout

On Wednesday we wrote about signs of cracking within the ranks of the NFL players. Big name guys who've made millions and millions of dollars in their careers are much more able and motivated to play hardball with the owners. Younger and less paid players however, are much more interested in seeing the lockout end even if that means caving in to more of the owner's demands.

One solution for that cleavage between the wealthier and less wealthy players is charity and it's absolutely no surprise that Larry Fitzgerald is leading the charge. Fitz is one of the most generous people in all sports and so extending his helping hand to teammates is a no-brainer.

According to this transcript provided by SB Nation's Sports Radio Interviews, Fitzgerald will there for his guys.

Question: Are you concerned with younger player buckling at some point because they haven’t made the money that some of the veteran players like yourself have made?

Fitzgerald: “Man we hope not. The NFL Players Association did a fantastic job last year…if they [younger players] were in the league we would invest $50,000 and we be able to get that back depending on how long the lockout was.

I think that was a good plan employed by the NFLPA, but for my young guys [like] Stephen Williams, Max Hall, Isaiah Williams, all the guys that are on my team they know if they need anything all they gotta to do is pick up the phone and I’m going to be there for them and support them any way I can.”

Obviously, it's in the best interest of the top-tier players to make sure their peers don't buckle too soon. Even so, we're not sure all of the league's highest paid guys will be as generous as Fitz.

There's still time to get tickets for Larry Fitzgerald's Celebrity Softball Game this weekend at Salt River Fields. Proceeds go to that Assist 4 Africa Foundation.