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NFL Lockout: Buffalo Wild Wings Makes A Stand

Outside of the league itself and those who are employed by the teams or the venues that host the games, very few businesses would feel the loss of the NFL season like Buffalo Wild Wings. And guess what? They're not going to stand aside and let their business model collapse on them.

Buffalo Wild Wings has created a "Save Our Season" group on Facebook, hoping to spawn a huge viral campaign that A) brings a lot of attention to BWW and B) might actually motivate the league and its players to come to an accord before the summer concludes. But will it work?

From a fan perspective, there's very little than can be done to save the NFL's 2011 season. Millions of Americans love this sport, but college football is there to pick up the slack should the NFL take a year off.

In the end, this is a smart PR move from Buffalo Wild Wings, a company that is emblematic of the "leech" industry that surrounds the NFL. Without a full slate of games on Sundays, their business will lose a ton of money. They need to make their petition a little easier to sign, however: after a full week, only 3,922 people have liked it.