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Solution To NFL Lockout? How About The Lingerie Football League?

So, right now in the NFL we have a players union that isn't technically a union (they decertified so that it would be technically illegal to lock out the players). The NFL locked out the players, but is having a draft. The NFLPA supposedly then said that draftees should boycott the draft. Then they said no. There is a court hearing April 6 regarding an injunction to keep the league from locking out the players. There may not be NFL football games this fall. 

What will we watch on Sundays? We do have a lot of college football on Saturdays, but there will be a hole to fill on Sundays. Or will there be?

The Lingerie Football League is going to begin its third season and is looking to move games to Sunday if there is lost NFL action.

Now, admittedly, it would certainly not be the quality of football that most are used to seeing (although could it really get much worse than the quality of game that fans in Carolina, Buffalo and even here in Arizona dealt with in 2010). However, there is a certain upside. This football is played by women in underwear and shoulder pads. What is even better is that they are going to record in 3D.

There are currently 10 teams that will have 20 women on their rosters for the seven-on-seven game. Unfortunately, there is no team here in Arizona, however, there is on in San Diego. And we all know how much we Arizonans love San Diego. 

Men, could it really get any better? Women, it is a real sport, albeit a sport with half naked women. But, to be honest, I know of many women who watch football and other sports because they like to look at the athletes. Is this really any different?